воскресенье, 30 января 2011 г.


Somebody told me that the skull symbol is talisman somebody told that it is a death symbol. For me it something more.
I can not tell precisely, when the love to skulls has begun at me, but that it happens for a long time, it is unequivocal.

Since then I bought up things with skull symbolics that it was. Here to steam of bagatelles from my collection.

пятница, 28 января 2011 г.

Key from a secret room

Keys at me always associate with a secret room. I dream of the cozy coal about which nobody will know, and naturally the key from it should be stored in the most reliable place, that is on a neck. Well a key I already have it is necessary to find a secret room...

среда, 26 января 2011 г.


When I was small, mum drove me on ballet. White stockings, black leotard, and a belt to underline a waist.
Once it even has taken away me to the ballerina from the big theater, but it didn't prophesy me destiny of the tonic of the ballerina, and the figure at me not so that approached, but promised the eternal erased feet and the small salary.
And I have decided to become the artist.

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

Hot hot hot pants!!!!!!!!

Hot pants - Zara
Brooch, Rings - Popconer
Stocking - Mustang
Stocking holder - Tezenis
Watches - Rip Curl

воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

суббота, 8 января 2011 г.


knitted jacket - hand made
ring - Popcorner
belt - H&M
poploneck - H&M

пятница, 7 января 2011 г.

Work, work, work!!!!!

Sketches and illustrations, I couldn't sleep, they all in my head always, till the 21 january. It will be an exam!!!!!

четверг, 6 января 2011 г.